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IS national in purpose, encouraging civic engagement, educating locally
Welcome to our site, Civics is the art of citizenship & understanding governance
Fremont Civic Philanthropies operates under the guidelines by IRS regulation 501c3
Our Divisions include: the Fremont Civics Foundation, Civic Society America and the Fremont Society, please follow us at and
Welcome to our new media platform with a variety of partners, programs and approaches to provide relevant and contemporary information for us to understand our system of governance and encourage citizens young and young at heart to better understand civic knowledge and lead to civic engagement at all levels.  We have programs that  starting with our Junior Citizens such as students in secondary education and continue through college years and beyond, such as our ACE [Advancing Civic Excellence] for college graduates and young professionals.  Providing citizens of all ages with a better understanding of how we; a Republic are governed. Imparting civic knowledge with leadership skills, modules of information to give and advanced understanding of critical dynamics on local, state and especially our National Government can and must be influenced by "We the People".  Engage! Learn and help lead, it is our government, we must lead for our today for a brighter future tomorrow.  Fremont Civics Thanks You for taking this step now.

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Consider supporting financially or volunteering with our efforts today.  Nominate a high school or college student for one of our Civic Awards, we even offer scholarships for our nominees.    The 2013-14 academic season gave us our special event to commemorate the life and legacies of John C. Fremont, send your information and be the first from your congressional district and state to join! Ask us a civic question, Register your High School, College, Civic Organization for our Fremont Civics 101 advisory.  

Our programs serve those in high schools, college and even young professionals with a variety of curricula, events, programs and in giving recognition to citizens who are already demonstrating excellence in citizenship. We are pleased to present a short listing of some of our established offers here:  Titled:

Friends of Fremont is an organized Biennial campaign to raise funding for general programs, we ask for a 24.00 dollar donation and as a Friend you are a part of our Civic Voices, you are allowed to nominate local citizens for our Civic Mind Award and are informed on events and matters that relate to our National Governance via Facebook and other new media components. This affiliation is for any citizen regardless of age, with parental consent if under 17 years of age.

Our Civic Youth Council (by State and US House Districts is service in action to your community in a variety of opportunities). For all teens, often through special events we present our leadership curricula & programs in all aspects of civic education. Criteria is dependent upon programs & participants. Sponsorship's are permitted but must conform to a strict non partisan formatting. Civic education is the foundation of a healthy society & predicated on integrity, ethics & transparency in every process of governance.

The Civic Eagle Capstone a volunteer collaborative; This requires a host school or community organization to assist in setting up & allowing the “CIVIC Honors Event” to be presented to interested students of a school district, County/area.  Students who participate are given details to the matrix to be a more successful candidate for our C.L.A.S.S. Scholarships. As well as success strategies for life as a fully credentialed citizen.  This includes surveys on civic points of knowledge in history, economics, government & ethics. Select leading students may be presented Civic Honors/Points.

Civics 4.0: Is a Civic Society America Initiative began in the 113th United States Congress, for college groups and organizations. Do you know a great student leader? Are you a student who would like to be considered for "Civic Honors", nominate a deserving student for special recognition or you may participate in any and all of our initiatives. 

A special message from the founder of Fremont Civic Philanthropies

Aleq Boyle

Dear Citizens:

Remember, active participation, via our initiatives, engaging in avenues for our civic/cultural common good are fundamentals of noble citizenship. A good citizen doesn't shirk from his or hers' "Civic" duties; what does this mean to you? This answer is no small topic. One must know what our Republic stands for. We must understand our Governmental structure. We must understand our Electoral Process. We must know our rights as citizens and peoples via our U,S. Constitution. Let us all strive to be vigilant in defending, and nurturing all these rights as a part of our daily life and in our deeds. To be an informed, dutiful voter is only one step of many, are you engaging in a civic course to better your own realm of our Republic? We use the word realm in the following context: those in your sphere's of influence or circles of interactions in your own life and social media and in the context of your Geographical footprint. We hope you are, and if you are not, ask us how you can start on just such a journey!  Please take this formats reply device to let us know what you are doing and request to officially affiliate your self and or a local community organization, school and even your local governmental jurisdiction or office with our educational efforts. Sponsor your County High Schools "Civic Essay Challenge" event. This is our premier High School Avenue to raise understanding about Civics and Leaders in the secondary schools. You may use this for contacting us for media related matters as well. Thank You.   (Please let us know if we missed an edit)

To learn more, please continue and be the first person from your state to sign our Guest Book and tell us what is your home County and State!

Ask us to email you a link to our online donation function and tell us what you would like to sponsor or nominate some one for our Civic Awards. To sponsor any US State / County for our Civic Essay, the program requires sponsorship one per County and High School, Home Schooled students qualify under our Civic County Rule, Private and Parochial Schools must ask to participate and be sponsored at the same rate as a public school.  College/Universities must be approved. The only schools we have worked with are: George Washington University, Washington, DC, & Georgia Tech. We invite students from any US College/University in any US State, DC, or Protectorate of the United States of America, or a US Citizen who is attending an accredited National School or Program of a foreign State / Nation.  A one time donation of 24.00 dollars is requested and sometimes may be waived for certain circumstances. 

All programs operate on a Biennial Basis that correlates with the current term of the United States Congress

For more details please read our our Word Press: CivicsUSA


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